Sweet Harvest is an organic gardening co-operative created by four friends in Kalken, Belgium. We meet regularly to coordinate our gardening efforts and share our harvests.

Sweet Harvest is een bioligsch tuiniereen coöperatieve opgericht door vier vrienden in Kalken, België. We komen regelmatig bijeen om onze tuin inspanningen te coördineren en onze oogsten te delen.

09 april, 2012

Lovage / Lavas

LovageWhen we moved to Schellebelle (nearly 6 years ago) a friend gifted us a Lovage plant. A what? Yep, I had never heard of it either. Definitely not a widely used herb in America. But it grew and grew and was very happy with us ... as a great plant that provided fantastic shade for our patio .. plus it smelled nice.

Kind of like a cross between celery and anise. I found some very useful and interesting articles herehere and here.

LovageWell, the time came to move to Kalken and I read that Lovage does not like to be transplanted. We moved in the winter so I was a bit worried but went for it anyways. Dug the biggest rootball I could and prayed when I put it in it's spot in our new garden.

Well, it seems very, very happy there .. although I'm about to move it again :( because we've decided to put in a patio here.

But I'll be honest. I have only used it twice. Once to make a Mother's Day bouquet for Axel's mom. And another time to make chicken stock (because I was out of celery) ... Axel later declared this chicken stock the best I'd ever made!

Mother's Day Bouquet 2009

So this weekend I made a vow. To use my lovage on a regular basis. I'm so glad I did. Check out this fantastic super easy tasty chicken I made on Saturday.

A popular recipe here is Lovage Soup .. but then they also make Lettuce Soup. I think I'll pass. 
Maybe my fellow Sweet Harvesters have a couple of recipe suggestions for us ... ?

I am also looking forward to making this with our own Sweet Harvest broad beans (tuinbonen).


When you plant yours keep in mind that it grows to about 6 feet tall.


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