Sweet Harvest is an organic gardening co-operative created by four friends in Kalken, Belgium. We meet regularly to coordinate our gardening efforts and share our harvests.

Sweet Harvest is een bioligsch tuiniereen coöperatieve opgericht door vier vrienden in Kalken, België. We komen regelmatig bijeen om onze tuin inspanningen te coördineren en onze oogsten te delen.

28 maart, 2012

Spring Cleaning and Sowing

I am very behind with my garden. 
March has flown by and somehow we've jumped from February to April. 

In the midst of my missing month, though, I have been hard at work ... weeding! My border was strangled with weeds and grass so a deep spring cleaning was in order.

weeding ... one section done

weeding ... another section to go

But I MUST get some seeds in the ground.

I am anxious to see things grow. To enjoy the fresh green of new sprouts.

Today I pulled out all my seed packets and had a good chuckle when I found THREE packets of coriander seeds ... Axel doesn't even like coriander.

After that I kind of just stared ... like I've never done this before.

Time to get my game plan on!

Sorting Seeds

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